Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Road

In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions, "Soul's Road" is the road upon which our souls walk as we journey through life. Easy enough, right? Is it? Is there something else to it? Something more? Something greater? Is the road upon which we walk just as much a part of who we are as the sights we see along it, the things we do as we travel upon it?

For me, the Soul's Road is more of a timeline, because that's the way I think. It's a graph, starting at day one, and continuing until it stops which, depending on the philosophy you subscribe to, could be before, during or after death. In any case, the road upon which I walk is, to the best of my knowledge, linear. Oh, but that may not be true. According to quantum theory, there are an infinite number of alternative roads I could have taken; one for each decision and outcome ever made in my life, if I understand it correctly.

Revised definition: my Soul's Road is the path upon which I walk, singled out among the infinite possible paths of the road before, at and ahead of me, because I have/am/will walked/walking/walk it.

But that's confusing. How about "the road upon which my soul treads, which is singular and unique." Now I'm getting into Scott McCloud's "what are comics" territory, but the idea is sound. While the overall effect of the infinite possibilities inherent in human life would, to my mind, look something like an enormous snowflake - with the "center" being where you are now and an infinite number of branches stretching in all directions - the road analogy still works, since the road will still move in a linear fashion through the snowflake of possibilities. That is, unless we invent time travel or a way to jump through realities like Ace Rimmer (see Red Dwarf.)

Re-revised and simplified (again) definition: My Soul's Road is the path which I have chosen, out of the infinity of paths available, to walk at this time, in this life, and is a map of where I have been, where I am, and where I am going.

That'll work.


  1. Good morning Nate,
    I'm not much of a metaphysical thinker any longer. Mt anguished early thoughts about life and its' meaning have been put aside as I enter what is very likely the last 20 or so years of my life. These days, I tend to try my damnedest to stay in the present moment. Every day I swing my feet out of our bed & they hit terra firma is a extension of my soul's road.

    I love your refined definition of your soul's road. It sings out to me with possibility, joy & strength. I try hard to put aside my worries & concerns about you & Nanc & it's easier this morning reading your blog entry. Your path is most definitely one you have chosen & you love it. It is your life, your passion, your reason for being. Some people look all their lives for that.

    When I think of a literal place for my soul's road, I picture the roads Jim & I traveled on in New Mexico & southern Colorado or the road from Santa Fe to Chama. Drive that road some day...see what I mean. You just might find another dimension to your soul's road.

    I love you, my writer & visionary son. Keep on writing--you do it so deeply.

  2. Hey Nate: Yes - "there are an infinite number of alternative roads." I am often amazed at the one I am on - or at least the one I am aware of at this time. So glad to be on this journey with you - and the path to putting it on paper (virtual or otherwise.) :)-

  3. The snowflake analogy struck me as the perfect visual for all the choices we do have on this journey. Nice. Thanks Nate.