Sunday, June 26, 2011


The writers represented in this collection are all different. The fact that we are all traveling down “Soul’s Road” should in no way imply that we have lots in common beyond our need to journey down it. World views, perception of character, use of language and differing rhythms define us and vary as much as one might expect in any given population. A Goddard College dining table might host a Special Forces vet, a Tarot card reader, a Christmas tree farmer, a Hollywood screenwriter, a dancer, and an enraged poet. Writers all with souls in search of their roads, but as different as different can be. I suspect this never occurred to our dedicated, generous and gifted editor Cody Luff when he agreed to forego publishing in this collection his own profoundly beautiful writing in favor of acting as our editor. His input has been enormously helpful but has come, I suspect, between bouts of having to deal with all these differences and the varied, strongly held opinions they generate in the form of well-crafted missives from cantankerous artists. So as the book comes together and we near publication, as we gaze at the finally approved cover art and at our own work that has so benefited from Cody’s touch, I want to take a moment to express our gratitude, to celebrate and thank him for his extraordinary kindness, talent and effort on our behalf. It has been a wonderful journey.

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