Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deborah Staley on Soul's Road

When Cody Luff invited me to be a part of Soul's Road, then untitled, I was so honored. Also invited were a number of amazing writers I admire who had all been through the Goddard MFA in Creative Writing Program. I really wanted to be involved, but my challenge was the fact that I was still a student and in my final semester at Goddard. I had a huge amount of work to do to finish and graduate on time. If Cody had not been so generous to work with me on deadlines, I could not have done it.

My contribution to Soul's Road is titled "That Girl." This story is a bit of a departure for me. I am multi-published in novel-length romance and romantic short stories. That said, I had been wanting to write something different. Something "literary" just to see if I could. "That Girl" is creative non-fiction/memoir. It's about a young girl who struggles through illness as a child and then depression as an adult. When I wrote this story, it felt like I was laying my soul bare. It was painful, and I shed more than a few tears. I thought more than once that I couldn't finish the story. I even considered pulling out of the project because I just didn't know if I could publish this story--if I ever finished it. But deep down, I knew that finishing this story was important for me, and that maybe it just might be important for someone out there who may read it. I stayed with this story and finished it to offer readers hope. I am a firm believer that determination and perseverance are key ingredients for fulfilling your purpose in life. In doing so, you might just accomplish something extraordinary despite the struggles and trials. 

Writing allows my soul sing through the darkness of depression. Share your thoughts and advice on the blog today about what makes your soul sing through adversity.


  1. Deborah, I admire your bravery in sharing the most tender parts of yourself with your readers. I look forward to reading "That Girl" when the collection is published and I suspect it will be a blessing to many.

  2. Thanks, Leah. For me, writing is about reaching people. To do that requires exposing vulnerabilities, which is never easy. Let me know what you think after you've read the story!